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About Michael

Greetings, I'm Michael Avants, the Owner and Travel Designer behind Avants-Garde Travel, where wanderlust meets luxury. My lifelong passion for exploration has evolved into a deep love affair with Experiencing the Art of Travel. Two defining elements have fueled my travel aspirations: an insatiable curiosity for the birthplaces of culture and an eye-opening art appreciation journey during my college days.

Avants-Garde Travel is committed to crafting bespoke journeys that are not just trips, but brushstrokes of unique experiences, weaving tales of opulence and creating timeless memories.

My expertise lies in tailoring custom, adaptable trips across Europe, as well as curating indulgent cruises aboard yachts, ocean liners, and river voyages. We collaborate with exclusive partners to create VIP hospitality experiences at prestigious global sporting events like soccer, golf, and auto racing.

With Avants-Garde Travel, my vision is to pioneer avant-garde voyages, spotlighting unexplored destinations worldwide. I aspire to blend the broad strokes of travel with the finesse of an artist's touch, igniting your passion for the Art of Travel and crafting a masterpiece itinerary tailored precisely to your desires.

Whether you're an individual, a couple, a family, or a larger group, Avants-Garde Travel is dedicated to sculpting unparalleled travel itineraries that cater to your every whim.

Learn more about the trip that forever will give you the desire to indulge in the Art of Travel!


See below to schedule an appointment to design the trip of a lifetime!

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